Simply Love Yourself

I have realized, especially since becoming a mother, that women seem to have a difficult time loving themselves.  One mother that I have recently conversed with hesitantly admitted that she even hates herself.  Now, hearing that just plain breaks my heart!  Seriously.  I can feel my heart muscle tearing to shreds!  It is beyond my capacity to understand how a women who is clearly beautiful, thin, extremely talented, and a brilliant wife and mother can’t find even one positive thing to say about herself.

Why are women so hard on themselves?  Why do they expect incessant perfection in every facet of their lives?  Why do women often allow a simple number on a scale determine their worth?  In my opinion, scales should be banned from existence.  Too many times women have become depressed because the number on the scale fails to meet their lofty expectations.  Simply put, numbers do not determine the worth of a soul, yet  modern society has somehow managed to ingrain in our minds that if we don’t weigh a certain amount, we are of no value.

Woman come in every shape and size.  They are all different and they are all beautiful.  Apples are delicious and so are oranges.  There are some similarities between the two fruits, but everyone knows that you can’t change an apple into an orange.  Likewise, you can’t force your body into looking  like another women’s body.  You can simply be the best that your body will allow you to be, based on your genetics, bone structure, and various other factors.  This can be achieved with a balanced diet and exercise.  Being healthy is a life-long process, not a mere destination.   Some women feel constant guilt because they fail to achieve the impossible.

Technology and the social media have unquestionably inflicted their damage on the confidence of women.  What would it have been like to live in a time period where it wasn’t custom to be preoccupied with weighing yourself, or to continuously be bombarded by entirely unrealistic photo-shopped pictures of movie stars?  In fact, even the simple reality that mirrors are found in nearly every room of a person’s house (and inside purses and diaper bags) has been proven to decrease self-esteem and to facilitate obsession with body image.  In the world today, people are expected to look good.  Period.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Well, at least it shouldn’t.

Satan is attacking woman.  He is fully aware of their potential and of their significant role in Heavenly Father’s plan.  As such, He deems it necessary to cause them to feel discouraged and to attempt to decrease their feelings of worth as much as possible via the various media outlets.  We can’t let him win!!!

We need to “be strong and of good courage” and simply love ourselves.  We can’t achieve perfection over night.  We need to simply take each day at a time and do the best that we can at the moment.  If that means locking yourself in the bathroom for a second and screaming at the top of your lungs to get out your frustration, so be it.  If it helps you stay sane and it isn’t inflicting pain on you or your children, I am all for it!

We need to put forth all of our brain power to try to feel of infinite worth, despite the fact that we can’t squeeze  into our skinny jeans (or that our chest sags, or that our hair is turning gray, or that we have a gigantic zit on our chin).  Although we may look in the mirror and see an ugly duckling, our Heavenly Father looks beyond our faults and sees nothing but a beautiful swan.   And really, isn’t that all that matters?


One thought on “Simply Love Yourself

  1. This is so inspiring. Since I had Jazlynne I just feel so gross. It’s really nice to hear some positive words instead of being worried that I will probably never be a size 5 again. I don’t want Jazlynne to see my insecurities and then think that she needs to be insecure about things she’s not happy with also. Thanks for making this blog Andrea and Tara I love reading your new posts!

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