On The Hour

This year for Valentines I did something really fun.  I got the idea off of a blog I follow, Thirty Handmade Days.  It’s called the On The Hour gift.  You put together little gifts and then throughout the day your loved one gets to open a gift at the same time every hour.

Michael was so surprised and pleased to wake up to a basket/dresser full of gifts on Valentines morning and he said he had so much fun looking forward to every hour and what he was going to open.

It may sound like a big thing, but a lot of the presents were small and that is what makes this workable.  For instance, a three of the cards were with his breakfast, lunch and dinner…something he would be getting anyway.  Other things included a package of goldfish crackers saying he was “the only fish in the sea” for me.  Or a Lakers poster saying our love was a “slam dunk”.

You just customize it to your loved one and a bunch of little gifts go a long way into making the day special for that person.

This isn’t just a good Valentines idea.  You can use it for a birthday or anniversary too.  Or a just because I love you day.  Get creative!

Speaking of anniversaries, our 6-year wedding anniversary is this weekend and we’re going to Vegas baby!  So next week I’m sure I’ll be posting many mommy moments about missing my kids, calling my kids, and maybe a fun Hotel review or trip happening!

Let's Hear It Mommies!

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