Okay.  So.  I have a confession to make.  I buy my children dog toys.  Sure it is unknowingly but it does happen and I feel the need to explain myself.

The Christmas before Mikey was born I was only a couple of months pregnant with him.  I went to Target the day after Christmas and was doing my annual after Christmas sale shopping.  Everything had been picked through pretty thoroughly.  There was an ornament here, a garland there, and lots and lots of wrapping paper.  But then I found it.  An aisle fully stocked with huge plastic stockings full of toys.  There were cute little balls inside and a few stuffed animals.  When I shook it I could hear a rattle, a bell and something that squeaked.

I squeaked with joy.  This toy would be perfect for my would be 8-month old next year.  I bought it at a pretty 50% off and felt very proud of myself for being so prepared.

Fast forward to the next Christmas when I brought out the gift for Mikey to open and amidst my happiness of seeing him enjoying the gift I had picked out for him, I started noticing things.  One of the items that came out of the stocking was a rope.  Really?   I thought.  A rope?  Oh well.  I keep smiling as my son finds a santa hat shaped squeaky toy and proceeds to chew, squeak, chew, squeak, chew, squeak.

Then I look at my husband and he can’t stop laughing.  What?  I ask him.

You bought him dog toys!  He says out of breath and holding up a tag from the stocking with a picture of a very happy dog that didn’t look too different from my son sitting before me.

I vowed to be very careful in my toy choice from now on.  NO WAY would I ever make this mistake again.

Fast forward with me once more to a couple of weeks ago, over four years from the first incident.

My family and I were shopping at Ross and the boys were looking at the toys, Michael was off somewhere finding a great deal like he always does, and I had Ty looking at the baby section.  I was digging through the blankets and socks and whatever else was in the pile that always accumulated on some shelves in that area and found the cutest little lamb toy.  It was plush and blue and had floppy ears.  Ty, who had never reacted to an inanimate object before, loved it.

I pushed on the lamb’s stomach and it squeaked.  Ty laughed.

Oh, I am so buying this toy!  Ty loves a toy!  And it is only two dollars!

You would think I would have learned my lesson that really cheap toys that squeak would not be my friend.

We got home and started going through our purchases and once again, I find Michael laughing and holding up a tag.


I didn’t, I said.  Even though I knew right away that I had.

It was in the baby section!  I pleaded my case.

Should we take it back?  I wondered.

Then we showed it to Ty and there was that smile again.

I decided something that day.  I will no longer be ashamed of my dog toy purchases.  Dogs have really nice toys.  If my kids love them, then they are going to play with them.  If anyone is going to judge I have one thing to say.  Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

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