Breaking Dawn Part 1

Four years ago I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon and read all the books within a couple weeks.  I won’t lie, I loved them.  I was hooked and I waited anxiously for the movies to come out.  The first movie was okay but fun to see the book to come alive.  The second movie was better.  The third movie even better.

To be fair, I wasn’t really looking forward to the fourth movie.  The fourth book wasn’t my favorite of the four so I was really only seeing the movie to finish out the experience.  I really do think I would’ve enjoyed the movie a lot more though if I wasn’t so uncomfortable with a few of the scenes.

I had heard that the love scenes in the movie had been cut down to make sure it got a PG-13 rating so I thought it would be okay.  I went to the movie with my husband and I was extremely uncomfortable.

I have this thing though that if I start something I have to finish it.  Especially with collections.  I have the other movies so I want to have them all.  Complete the set.

I am happy now because today I bought the movie edited and have solved my problem.  So if anyone already on the Twilight bandwagon also wants to jump on the edited movies bandwagon, here’s the link.  They only had limited quantities so you may have to hurry.

Hope this helps!



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