Off-Brand People

If anyone knows my husband and I in person, you know we are cheap.  Well, my husband would prefer it if I used the word frugal.

We frequent thrift stores for a good deal.  We almost exclusively peruse clearance racks.  And most importantly, we buy off-brand.

I know some people think that there is a huge quality difference between name brand and the generic product, but for the most part, we can’t tell the difference.  We would really have our dollar stretch further than get that recognizable brand.  Really, I’ve been thinking about this all day and I could only think of two things we have to buy name brand.

That’s right.  Two kinds of crackers.  To tell the truth, that’s only for my husband’s lunches, too.  We buy the kids the off brands of these crackers.  They can’t tell the difference so far.

I came across this article by that lists ten things to buy generic and we hit every single one.  Here’s the short list:

1. Over-the counter medications

2. Cereal

3. Pantry staples

4. Soda

5. Gasoline

6. Electronic Cables

7. Make-up and other beauty products

8. Batteries

8. Salad-mix and produce

10. Baby formula

We get coupons in our Sunday paper and in the mail and we realized that we are not really a coupon clipping family.  We do cut a couple that we use regularly, but usually it turns out that generic brands are cheaper than the name brand even with a coupon.  Unless it matches up with a big sale.

For a lot of these things, we have done the research on because we weren’t sure.  Especially on things like medicine and formula, we really wanted to compare ingredients.  Like the article stated, the ingredients are the same.  It says “Compare to such and such” on the package for a reason.

We buy off brand medicine and formula and our fevers go away and Ty’s tummy gets filled.

Other things I loved on that list are cereal and pantry staples.  We really save money on those two.  We have a $2 rule on cereal in this house.  We don’t buy a box of cereal if it’s over $2.  Sometimes we go over by a quarter or so, but we stick to it as much as we can.

Another thing I would add to the list would be diapers.  We do buy name brand diapers until size 2 but then we go with off brand and our kids stay dry just as well.

How about you all?  Are you a generic groupie like me or do you prefer to spend the extra bucks and get the name brand.  Or are you half and half?  What do you buy that needs to be name brand?  What do you scrimp on?


2 thoughts on “Off-Brand People

  1. We somewhat half it I would say on the majority it’s all off brand. Money doesn’t go far especially at the grocery store. You do what you must to get by.

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