When Your Husband Puts You Down For a Nap

It’s official.  I’m saddened to announce that Bryce simply won’t  nap anymore.  I should be grateful, He lasted about six months longer than Lizzie did with her naps, but I am having a slightly hard time coming to terms with this unfortunate fact.  When Lizzie was Bryce’s age she was a bit more verbal and whenever I attempted to give her a nap she would stubbornly proclaim, “I don’t take naps.”  Or, “I’m not tired.”  Bryce just gets off of his bed and has a tantrum or simply refuses to close his eyes.  Period.  He has much better and more important things to do.  Like make a complete mess of his room (and every adjacent room).

How can you tell if your child needs a nap?  It’s very obvious to any naked eye within the vicinity.  Your child will become increasingly difficult to live with.  They start whining and crying about everything.  They are just plain grouchy and nothing that you do to help remedy the situation brings them any sort of satisfaction.

That being said, I have recently realized (much to my utter dismay) that I am no different than a two-year-old.  My poor husband.  I can’t believe that it has taken me nearly six years to come to this conclusion.  There have been plenty of evenings (or Saturday afternoons) in which my husband politely encourages me to take a nap.  How do I respond?   “I don’t need a nap, honey.  I’m not tired.”  Or, “I have more important things to do right now than waste my time sleeping.”  Hmm…those responses sound strikingly familiar.

Aren’t those the same excuses given by my two-year-old?

And if that’s the case, than am I behaving like a two-year-old?  My husband probably thinks so.  I can remember at least three specific evenings during my last pregnancy when he literally walked me into our bedroom, tucked me into bed, turned out the lights, and said “sweet dreams”.  It was only eight-o-clock in the evening.  Am I really that difficult to live with that my husband deems it necessary to “put me down for a nap”?    

How embarrassing.   How would you feel if your husband put you down for a nap?

Well, what can a say.  I’m a two-year-old trapped in a nearly 30-year-old body.  I have actually been wanting to reach out to my inner child lately…too bad the only part of my childhood that I was able to resuscitate was the “I don’t take naps” part.

Really though, there are so many more important things to do in life than sleep.

Like take a nice hot shower…even if it only lasts for three minutes and seventeen seconds.

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