Leprechaun Treasure Hunt

This morning my kids were playing in the living room and I ran in and told them that I saw a flash of green and thought there was a leprechaun in our house.  They immediately wanted to help me find him.  We searched for a bit and then I told them that the leprechaun was probably playing hide-n-seek and to go in their room and stay there until I caught him.

While they were in their room I set up a treasure hunt for them, all the while telling them I was seeing the leprechaun and following him around the house.  When I was done setting everything up I went and got them and said that I was chasing him and turned around and all I saw were shamrocks and gold coins.

We followed the clues and they found their prize from the leprechaun in the fridge.  I was going to make them a pot of gold full of treats but I’m trying to stop using holidays as a reason to buy them candy, so I found free coloring page printables and activity pages online instead.

The kids spent quite a bit of time with their prizes.  It was the first time our house has been quite all week!  I feel pretty successful because they couldn’t stop talking about it until they fell asleep.  This will definitely be a new St. Patrick’s day tradition for us!

(I got the gold coins at Michaels and the shamrocks at the dollar store, but I saw them at Michaels and JoAnns too.)


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