Car Seat Cover- Tutorial and Giveaway!

My friend had a baby shower this weekend and I decided to make her a car seat cover.  I had already made one for myself and my sister when our last babies were born and I love mine.

Here is how I did it.

Materials needed:

  • 2 yards of coordinating fabric (1 of each)
  • 6-8 inches of velcro
  • Thread

First you lay the fabric down on top of each other and cut a 2 1/2 inch strip off of each fabric from the longest side and set it aside. This will be used to make the straps later on.

Then lay the two fabrics one on top of each other wrong sides together and fold in half long wise.   If you want rounded edges, just place a bowl on the corners and trim around it.  Don’t trim off too much though, you want to keep as much of the fabric on the cover as you can.

Then you want to put the fabric back right sides together and lay out unfolded.

Sew these two pieces together with a 1/2 inch seam on three sides.  Flip inside out and finish sewing the other side.

Now from the 2 1/2 inches you cut off before, you will cut your straps. I cut 2 of each material that were about 2 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches using the strips of fabric I cut off earlier.   If you are doing the cover reversible, you will cut 4 of each fabric.

Take one of each fabrics and place wrong sides together. Sew around on 3 sides, flip right side out, iron and sew up fourth side.  Do this to the remaining 1 or 3 straps.

Now you sew on the velcro. Figure out which side of the strap you want to show and which will be the inside.  Place the rough side on the inside of the strap and sew on. Place the soft side on the opposite end and side of the strap.

To place the straps, you will want to measure 18 inches from the back, and 8 inches apart from each other.  Pin them in place with the rough velcro facing up and in the front of the cover.

Sew the straps on the same way you did the velcro.  I did around the edge and then diagonal through the middle to ensure it would support any pulling.  If you are doing a reversible one you will just sew the other straps on the opposite side where you sewed the first set.

There you have it!  Peice of cake.  You could also use  ribbon instead of velcro, ric rac trim or whatever you think will look pretty.  I kept mine simple because I have all boys in the house, but the possibilities are endless.

Now here’s the fun part!

We are so close to 500 followers and we are SO grateful!  We would love to hit that number and reward you all for reading our blog everyday!  So here’s what you do:

Spread the news about us to your friends.  When we reach 500 followers we will do a giveaway and I will make a car seat cover for the winner!  You will get to pick your colors and everything.  If you don’t have a baby, they make great shower gifts and they are between $30 to$40 to buy at the store.

So let’s reach 500 followers and then the giveaway will begin.  Or you can start making your car seat cover yourself today, too.  Let’s go!

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