Talented Mama

This was the day that I somehow managed to ruin dinner and our blender in one shot.  My husband is quite the lucky guy for choosing me, right?

Do you see how all of the juice is leaking right down inside of the machine?

Ya…that’s definitely not good for the motor.

We all have days like these, right?  Nothing seems to go your way.  You feel like pulling your hair out.  You give your self a time-out by locking yourself in the bathroom.  Then your husband finally gets home and you breath a huge sigh of relief.

But then there is an explosion (literally) and it ends up being the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

The tears start to form…but then you start laughing.  Because really, what are the chances?

Besides, I now had a valid excuse to scrub the grout in my tile.

Although I would have been perfectly content with eating milk and cold cereal for dinner instead of the masterpiece that I was intending to create, my wonderful husband simply looked at me and said “Get your shoes on, we’re going to El Pollo Loco”.

I love my husband.

And we got a new blender too.

I am one lucky gal…even if my husband got the short end of the stick. 🙂


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