Easter Egg Lesson

Sorry, no pictures here, folks.

I couldn’t find my camera all day…then my husband found it when He got home from work.  However, I was still unable to take any pictures in time for this post.  As such…no pictures.

My sister is really good at including illustrations with her posts.  Me?  Not so much.

I really wanted to share with you all this awesome Easter Egg Lesson that my kids absolutely love.

Lizzie came home with this game last year after a Primary activity that she attended.  I have also found it here on the Sugar Doodle website (which is one of my favorite websites, by the way).

Last year, we played this game a zillion times around Easter time.  We played it again for Family Home Evening this past Monday and it was just as loved as it was last year.  In fact, my kids have asked to play it numerous times a day since then and I’m sure that we’ll continue to play it often until Easter is over.  It’s my kind of egg hunt.  No candy involved and the kids actually learn something!  I was pleasantly surprised at how much Lizzie remembered from last year.  This game has definitely become a tradition in our house.

Ready to make your own game?

Easter Egg Lesson


1. Find twelve plastic Easter Eggs.  Write a number (1 – 12) on each of the eggs with a permanent marker.

2.  Have the following scriptures verses ready to read (I recommend typing them up and printing them out on one sheet of paper):

#1:    Matthew 26:39

#2:    Matthew 26:14-15

#3:    Matthew 27:1-2

#4:    Matthew 27:24-26

#5:    Matthew 27:28-30

#6:    Matthew 27:31-32, and he was crucified and nailed to a cross.

#7:    Matthew 27:35-36

#8:    Matthew 27:46, 48

#9:    Matthew 27:50-51, 54

#10:    Matthew 27:57-60

#11:    Matthew 28:1 (bringing sweet spices to anoint Him) 2,  and verse 5

#12:    Matthew 28:6  “He is not here: for He is risen as He said.”

3. Gather together the following items and place inside of the corresponding egg:

Egg #1:  One Sacrament cup

#2:  3 Dimes

#3:  A small piece of twine

#4:  A piece of soap

#5:  Red fabric

#6:  One nail

#7:  Dice

#8:  A tiny bag of dirt

#9:  White fabric

#10:  Small stone

#11:  A tiny bag of sweet spices

#12:  Leave empty (or place a small picture of Jesus inside)

How to play:

Hide the eggs around the house and let the kids find them and bring them back to you.  Open the eggs in order (have them find the correct number themselves…get some secular learning in with the spiritual learning!) 🙂  As they open each egg, read and discuss the corresponding scripture that goes with it.


Again and again and again and again.

I promise your kids will love it! 🙂


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