Easter Week Countdown

I really want to help instill in my kids the true meaning of Easter.  I thought that I would share what our family (well, mostly just the kids and I) are going to be doing this week in preparation for Easter.

Sunday (April 1st):  Palm Sunday, Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem

Scripture:  Summarize Matthew 21: 4-9

Activity:  I’m going to spread a large white paper “table cloth” on our table and have the kids draw palm branches on it.  We’ll eat at that table throughout the day.  I’m also going to make sugar cookie dough and cut them out to look like palm leaves.  I’m going to have the kids decorate the cookies with green frosting and green sprinkles.

Monday (April 2nd):  Cleansing of the Temple

Scripture: Summarize Matthew 21: 12-17

Activity:  We are going to make soft pretzels (shaped like folded arms for prayer) using this recipe.

Tuesday (April 3rd):  Among other things, the first and great commandment was given.

Scripture: Summarize Matthew 22: 34-41

Activity:  Make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and heart shaped sandwiches for lunch.

Wednesday (April 4th):  The scriptures don’t really specify what happened on Wednesday, but we’ll talk about the parable of the ten virgins.

Scripture:  Summarize Matthew 25: 1-13

Activity: We will make a paper plate oil lamp.

Thursday (April 5th):  The Last Supper

Scripture:  Summarize John 13: 1-11

Activity:  I wanted to have a realistic Passover dinner, however, my husband informed me that lamb tastes disgusting.  As such, we will just have unleavened bread.  Instead of eating lamb, we will do this lamb craft.  I also want to reenact the washing of the apostles feet by having the kids and I wash each others feet (or something…still thinking about it).

Friday (April 6th):  The trial, crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ

Scripture:  Summarize Matthew 27

Activity:  We are going to make paper plate tombs and color Easter coloring pages.

Saturday (April 7th):  Jesus is in the Spirit World.

Scripture:  Summarize 1 Peter 3: 18-20

Activity:  These activities have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus in the Spirit World.  However, we’ll probably have an Easter Egg hunt and dye Easter Eggs.

Sunday (April 8th): EASTER

Scripture:  Summarize Matthew 28

Activity:  We are going to make Resurrection Rolls for breakfast (or for lunch if we are unable to make them in the morning due to church being at 9:00).  We are also going to use the following moving picture to discuss the resurrection.  I tried to find a link for this activity, but I couldn’t find it for the life of me!  Sorry!

Well, there you have it.  I really hope that it all gets done.  But if it doesn’t, it wouldn’t be the first time that my grand plans don’t come to fruition!  I always have to remind myself that it’s better to try and fail than to never try at all. 🙂


One thought on “Easter Week Countdown

  1. These are such great ideas. I want Jazlynne to have fun on all these holidays, but I really want her to understand why we are celebrating them. You both are so great at writing and I love reading your blog!

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