Worst Mom or Super Mom?

I did something this weekend that definitely goes down on the worst mom list.  I’ll just come right out and say it.  I shut my four-year old’s fingers in the car door.  Before you get too worried, he’s fine.  And that’s actually what makes this story so funny in retrospect.  Here goes.

We were coming home from a playdate at my sister’s house and my husband was going to be coming home late from work that night.  I was distracted and thinking about the nightly routine: who I was going to put where while readying the others and what order to do things so they got into bed as soon as possible.

Right before we made it home, all three kids had started crying over something or other.  I don’t even remember why at this point.  The moments before the incident are quite foggy.  I had my husbands dinner on a plate that I had brought home from my sisters, and my purse on the front seat.  I decided to come back for the food and just grab my purse and the baby.

I got out of the car, locked it and turned to shut the door.  Now this is where my question comes into play.  This is where the fog disappears and I saw things SUPER clearly.  I looked down and saw my oldest’s little fingers wrapped around the part of the door frame where my door was about to shut.

Now, if I were my husband, the door wouldn’t have shut at all.  He really must be part superhero or demigod or something because his reflexes are insane.  But, I was quicker than my normal self and instead of slamming the door like I had intended, I managed to stop myself and it just swung shut slowly.

It did shut though.  And this is where one of my biggest fears comes into play.

I always joke with my husband that if I were in a scary movie and had to get my keys in the door to my house or into my car to drive away from the serial killer that was chasing me, I’d be dead.  I fumble and fail in situations like that.  Well, I had predicted I would.  Same conversations occur when we watch Fear Factor and they have to try out all those keys before they drive off the cliff.  I just know I wouldn’t be good at it.

So, in this crystal clear moment, I reach for the door and it’s closed enough that the door is locked.  I couldn’t get the door open.  My keys were in my MESS of a purse and I had to find them and get that door open.  The whole time I’m shaking and saying, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, to who knows who because as I reached my hand in my purse and pulled out my keys the first time, I could see, with my newfound SuperMom vision, the face of my child screaming in the back seat underneath my baby’s infant seat, begging me to get his hand out.

Out come the keys, in the door, door open and his little fingers were free.  And still intact on his hand.  I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, but only for a moment, because I thought for sure that if his fingers weren’t cut off, they must be broken.  I opened the back door and pulled him out trying to look at his fingers while he was screaming.  Riley is screaming because he wants out of the car, and the baby is still crying because he was ready for bed half an hour ago.

At this point, the neighbors were coming out to see what was going on.  I had to get inside to accept my worst mom award in private.  With my SuperMom strength, I managed to get Mikey and the baby carrier in my arms and have Riley follow me inside (while carrying his daddy’s dinner and dripping a trail of alfredo sauce behind him).

I placed Mikey on the couch and got him some ice for his hand.  Riley was now crying because he had alfredo sauce all over him.  The baby, luckily was done crying.  He’s such a sweetheart.  I think he knew I could use a break.

Pulling on the last of my SuperMom resources (I could feel my powers/adrenaline fading) I knew what I had to do to make the kids feel better so I could assess the injury and get the baby in bed.

I started rapping like Nicki Minaj.  And you better believe it worked.  It works every time.

I convinced Mikey to show me his hand and there was just one little piece of skin that had been pulled back, but no bruising or bleeding.  I pulled off the skin and asked Mikey where it hurt.

He said that it didn’t hurt and he was better.  He calmly handed me the ice and informed me that he must be Wolverine.  Because something bad had happened and he thought he was very hurt, but he thought about it so hard and he had done it.  He had healed himself.

I guess Super Powers run in our family.

5 thoughts on “Worst Mom or Super Mom?

  1. Oh, you poor thing! I can only imagine what chaos this all must have been. I did admit, I kind of laughed, the way you were describing it all. Though I know it was no laughing matter. When my brother was probably 13 or so, we had a hatchback car, and my brother, who was a little heavy then, his arm was right by the hatch of the car and my mom slammed it shut and it caught the skin of his arm in it! So, rest assured you’re not the only mom to have done something like that. 🙂

    • Ouch! It sounds like your brother got it worse than my son. It is funny now that no one was hurt but it was the worst feeling knowing I could’ve seriously maimed Mikey! I know I’m not the first but I wish I was the last : ) Thanks for reading!

  2. You’re an amazing story teller. Glad all is well. Keep writing. It’s one of few pleasures I have left at the end of my busy day–to read a good story, alone without the kids.

  3. First, ouch! I think everyone has had a moment like this!! Secondly, you are a great story teller. I’m so glad super powers run in your family, truly adorable.

    • Thanks Breanna! I guess I still have a bit of brain left from my journalism class ; ) I hope Aiden never goes through that!

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