Printable Pattern Blocks

Wooden Pattern Blocks are really effective early math education learning tools.  I have been wanting to buy some for the longest time but I just can’t force myself to spend money on them.  They really aren’t extremely expensive, only around twenty dollars or so.  However, every time I head towards a cash register with them in my shopping cart, I end up turning around and placing them back on the shelf.  Why?  Mostly because I feel guilty spending that much money on a toy!

So I decided to try and find a cheaper way for Lizzie to gain the learning benefits of Pattern Blocks.  I searched a little online until I found Printable Pattern Blocks!  I just happened to have all of the correct colors of card stock as well (except the orange one, which I will print out again once I obtain an orange piece of card stock).  I printed them all out, laminated them with packaging tape (although you could certainly spend the money and officially laminate them, of course), and cut them out.  I put the pieces in an old cylindrical container that I had lying around the house.

Now all I needed was printable Pattern Block Mats, which I found here.


Now Lizzie can enjoy the benefits of her own homemade Pattern Blocks that cost next to nothing!

Click on the links above to create your very own for your young learners.  Have fun! 🙂


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