Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

I’ve been making these tissue paper pom-poms for years now and they are one of my main party goto’s for a quick and easy way to decorate.  I hate doing this to myself because this is one of the few things I do that people think is really cool and talented :), but I’m going to share the secret of just how easy it is to make these.

This is the tissue paper that I get.  I have tried all sizes of tissue paper and poms, but this size comes out with the best results for me.  You are welcome to experiment for yourself.  These are those big sheets with 20 in a pack.

I take those sheets and fold them in half short end to short end.  Then I cut it in half down the fold.  Don’t just cut on pre-made crease, it isn’t the half-way mark.

After you have all your sheets, you split them up into piles of 8.  Each pack should make 5 tissue poms.  With each pile of 8, fold accordion style up the long side.

It will look like this when you’re done.

Then you fold that piece down the middle and tie elastic around it.  I’ve seen versions where you use wire, but I like the elastic better.  It’s easier to tie and gives more when you are fluffing out the pom-pom.  I get the clear jewelry elastic.  I’ve tried other things, and this works the best.

Then you round off the edges by cutting the square end on each side into a circle.  It will look like this.

Then you turn it on its side and fan out one side at a time.  This is the first side fanned out.

 As it’s fanned out, pull each piece of tissue paper away from the others from the center out.  Be careful because it will tear very easily.

After you do all the pieces on that side, fan out the opposite side and repeat the procedure.  I like to hang them where they are going to be and then re-fluff for the best appearance when it is hanging.  This is what it looks like when it is done.  They look great for any party.  I’ve used them for my kid’s birthday parties, baby/wedding showers, graduation parties.  You name it.  They are an easy way to add some fun to any party room.

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