Something About a Two-Year-Old

I will be the first to admit that my two-year-old son tests my patience.

Consecutive sleepless nights?  Sure, bring it on.  A house that never stays clean for longer than three minutes?  Although annoying, it’s manageable.

But loud crying tantrums followed by even louder crying tantrums?  I don’t think I can handle it.  I am seriously at a loss as to what to do with him!

He cries over everything.

He asks for Cheerios for breakfast.  I give it to him.  Lizzie, however, wanted Frootloops.  When Bryce sees Lizzie’s Frootloops, he suddenly changes his mind about the Cheerios that he begged for.  The crying commences and gets louder when he  learns that he has to eat his Cheerios first before he gets a single Frootloop.

He doesn’t like to take turns.

He doesn’t like to share.

I have a hard time getting him to stay still for prayers.

He throws things.

He occasionally hits his sister.

And yet

There are no words to adequately describe how much I love this little boy of mine.

Despite some of his behaviors that I could definitely live without, he melts my heart.

I love opening his bedroom door each morning.  (Yes, we are those kind of parents who put a child lock on the inside of his door to make him incapable of’ coming out at night.  Don’t you worry though, I still use a baby monitor with him!).  He greets me with his sparkling eyes and wide grin.  We cuddle for a few minutes…and then he finds his foam pirate hat and puts it on.  He says “I’m Captain Hook,” heavily emphasizing the word “Hook”.

I love the way he  grabs his sippy cup full of water and then comes to me and says “cuddle. couch”.  He loves to cuddle, just like Lizzie.

I find it cute that whenever I scold him, he immediately falls to the ground and says “I’m sick”.  He wants me to cuddle him.  He knows that when he’s sick, he gets cuddled a lot.

Bryce has an adorable of habit of putting his hand down his shirt when he drinks, reminiscing of the past moments when he used to put his hand down my shirt when he was nursing, I suppose.

With Bryce, anything can be used as a weapon of some sort.  His weapons of choice lately have been a couple of plastic bowling pins and his drumsticks.  And yes, I have had to put those drum sticks in “toy time out” nearly every day as he often feels the need to poke his sisters eyes with them.

I love how Bryce is a lover of music.  When we listen to Pandora Radio on our TV (Disney, classical, church, etc.),  he is perfectly content to just sit on the couch and watch the screen of nothingness.

He likes to jump off of things.  His favorite game is to take the cushions off of the couch and jump off of the couch on top of the cushions.  Before jumping he says, “I’m flying.  I’m Peter Pan.”

Bryce loves for me to read him books, particularly the ones about Disney Princesses or Pirates.  He especially loves it when I use different voices and sing songs with the books.

He says, “Thank you, sir” when I give him a treat of some kind.

I can’t help but smile when he says “Jovus Smiff” (Joseph Smith).

A common phrase exiting his mouth is “What’s that sound?”  He seems to hear everything.

Bryce likes to go to bed early, sometimes as early as 6:00!  When he wants to go to sleep, he grabs his sippy cup and finds me.  He melts into me and says “I’m tired”.  I always sing him “Lullaby” and cuddle with him for a bit before saying “Sweet Dreams” and giving him kisses.  It melts my heart when he says “Sweet Dreams, Mommy.  I wuv you too”.

I love how Bryce lays down on his stomach, places his hands under his chin, and reads books.

Yes, although Bryce tests my patience on occasion (okay, every single day), I am so incredibly grateful for him.

I thank my Heavenly Father every single day for the opportunity to be a Mother.

I am so blessed.


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