If you read the title of this blog you probably think I will go on and tell you how HAPPY my children make me.  And they do, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about.

I’m going to talk about another obsession of mine (seems like those keep coming out lately).

I am obsessed with happiness.  Mine and others and just the general theory and idea of it.

A couple of years ago now I read this book:

First off, Gretchen Rubin is so cool.  I wish we were friends.

Secondly, this book was amazing.  I don’t think Oprah did a special on it or anything, but she should have.

The ideas in this book are so adaptable by anyone.  They are simple and memorable.  You will remember how to add happiness into your life years after you read this book.  Not just while you are reading it.

She has a website that has all these documents on it to help you with the resolution charts and goals that you will find out more about when you read the book.

She updates it VERY regularly with articles and ideas and updates.  It’s a constant flow of happiness reminders.  But not the sappy, made-up things that don’t last.  Real life changing happiness.  So real that it’s right there and you didn’t know it.

In the book, she talks about a one-sentence happiness journal.  She will write one (or two, or three, or four…but just short) sentence about the day.  Then she can look back and remember the little things that happen and it also helps her to find the happiness in her daily life.

Last year, she came out with this:

A five-year happiness journal.  I got it for Christmas and it is amazing.  I write one sentence every day and then I write in my regular journal monthly.  I have never had so many reminders of the past.  One sentence can trigger a day full of memories.  It has been the best habit I have picked up this year.

She has a new book coming out September 4 called Happier At Home.  Pre-ordered!

Plus, she will send you an autographed notecard to put in your book for free!

I love following her, reading her books, and implementing their happiness tips.

Please read her book and get ready for her second.  I am Happily recommending them.


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