Felt Hopscotch Game

First of all, I’m not sure how to spell “Hopscotch”.  Oh well…I know you all know what I’m talking about. 🙂

Lizzie loves playing hopscotch outside.

But sometimes it’s just fun to change it up a bit and play it inside with moveable number squares!

I don’t consider myself a crafty person by any means.  In fact, if you haven’t already noticed, all of the crafty things on this blog have been posted by my talented sister, not me.  I do, however, enjoy making things for my kids.  This is as crafty as I usually get. 🙂

This game was incredibly simple to make.


10 pieces of colored felt (around 30 cents each at Micheal’s)

5 pieces of white felt (approximately, depending on how big you make your numbers)

Hot Glue Gun


Cut numbers 1 through 10 out of the white felt

Hot Glue the numbers on the colored felt


Have your pre-schooler arrange the numbers in the shape of a hopscotch game and play!  Lizzie likes to be creative and shape each game differently. 🙂  These felt numbers are good for practicing putting numbers in numerical order.  In fact, I’m thinking of making some more with numbers 11 through 20.

Have fun! 🙂


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