Life Is Short

All to often, we are reminded of the lessons that life can teach us.

The lesson that you can never hug and kiss your baby too much.

That it isn’t foolish to watch them sleep.

That it is joyous every time they smile, giggle and snuggle up close.

The lesson that it is our Father in Heaven, in His infinite wisdom, that has a plan for us.  And our children.

Our friends were blessed with a beautiful daughter named Kenadie.

Even before her birth they knew that there would be struggles and trials involved when Kenadie came to earth.

But along with those struggles and trials came all the love and joy that parenthood brings.

There was a bond there and a fierce protection that will never be broken.

Even by death.

Due to complications she had since birth, 13-month-old Kenadie was called back into the arms of her Father in Heaven on April 24th, 2012.

This kind of loss can not even be imagined by those not faced with this trial.

But we can send our love, and our prayers and our hope.

And our help.

As if this loss is not hard enough, the financial burden that is placed upon this young couple is hard to bear.

Let’s send our love for Jesi and Shane Humphreys in any way we can.

Let us lift them up.

Let us lessen their burden.

Let us be God’s hands.

His hands are busy right now.


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