Fun with Numbers

I noticed a few days ago that Lizzie was writing a few of her numbers backwards.  I decided that she needed to practice them some more, but I didn’t want to give her the typical worksheets.  She likes making books, so I just threw together this simple number book for her to make and keep.  I used the computer, simply because it’s easier for me.  However, you could just free-hand it and it would turn out exactly the same.

Lizzie copied the words “My Number Book” directly below where I had written it (she is still working on her word spacing).

Inside of the book, I printed out numbers 1 – 20.  For each number, she copied the word and the number on the provided lines.  Then she put the correct number of stickers inside of the box.

She loved it!  Especially because she got to use Disney Princess Stickers. 🙂

While Lizzie was working on her number book, I did something different with Bryce.

I wrote a big number “2” on a piece of paper.

Then Bryce used stickers to trace the number.  Of course, he loved it.  What little kid doesn’t like stickers? 🙂

These activities kept the kids busy for a bit and they even learned a thing or two.

Success! 🙂


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