Time Out for Women Highlights

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Time Out For Women this past weekend in Long Beach, Ca.  It was the second of such events that I have been able to attend and it didn’t disappoint.  If you ever have the opportunity to go, you should definitely take advantage of it!  As a result of taking Mason with me and having to walk him around during the majority of the speakers, my note-taking was nearly nonexistent.  However, the messages are still fresh in my mind today so I figured that I would take a moment to record my thoughts and impressions of the event before it leaves my mind and goes to the mysterious place where all of my other lost memories have disappeared to.

I really wish that I would have been able to take notes as I would have been able to remember more of the specifics, but it just wasn’t going to happen this weekend.  The ironic thing is that I have a feeling that when I’m older and able to attend these events without a baby in my arms, I will be wishing more than anything that I had a baby to walk around. 🙂  I am simply going to accept the fact that I had an enjoyable time, despite the fact that I can’t remember everything.

Here are the highlights of what I actually do remember from this weekend.  It may not be much, but it’s what I’ve got! 🙂

Friday Evening Session


Laurel Christensen


Among other things, she spoke on the subject of waiting.  We are all waiting for something.  Waiting to get married, waiting to get pregnant, waiting for a pregnancy to be over, waiting to graduate, waiting to lose weight, etc.  Laurel focused on the fact that we need to wait happily.  We need to trust that God knows of our situation and that we are exactly where God wants us to be.  When you pray for something to happen, God is capable of granting you your desire immediately.  However, He waits too.  He waits to give you what you want for the precise time in which you would benefit the most from it.  He may need you to learn certain lessons first so that you can fully appreciate the certain blessing that you are asking for.  God has his reasons for withholding certain blessings and we simply need to trust Him.  We need to allow God to mold our lives because, ultimately, He is the only one who knows what we need to experience in order to become the person that He wants us to be.


Brad Wilcox


Brad spoke about the importance of a name.  He talked about how each of his children received their names.  He spoke the majority of the time, however, on the various names that Jesus is also referred to along with their meanings (Jesus the Christ, Messiah, Son of Man, The First Born, The only Begotten, Son of the Blessed, Jehovah, I Am, the bread of life, the living water, etc.)  By the way, I don’t have that great of a memory.  This was the only talk that I was able to jot down a few notes! 🙂  Jesus is also known as the “King of Kings”.  Brad expanded that particular thought a bit and discussed the fact that Jesus is also the “King of Queens“, referring to women.  He told us that we are Queens and that when we look in the mirror, that’s exactly what we should see.  He then went on to say that if you happen to look in the mirror and don’t see the Queen that you are, try to remember the fact that God does see the Queen in you and He simply isn’t finished with you yet.  We all have the potential to be a Queen.  God is molding our lives and placing us in the exact situations that we need to be in order to help us to ultimately become the Queen that He knows we can be.


Macy Robison

She was amazing!  She basically told her life story using music.  I bought her CD for only $10 and so I have the opportunity of listening to it over and over again if I so desire! 🙂  She talked about how when she was a child all that she wanted to do was a be a mother.  Life, however, didn’t turn out exactly the way that she had planned.  She got married to a man she referred to as “Rusty Armor” who didn’t allow her to have children for some reason.  They ended up getting divorced after seven years.  Anyway, to make a long story short, her Mom passed away, she was a music education teacher for 13 years, she ended up getting married to an older man and became a step mother of two adult children, and then she ultimately ended up having two children of her own with her new husband.  That was a very condensed version of her life story, of course.  She told it so well and the music was awesome!

Saturday Session:


Chris Williams


He started out his talk by showing this video, which you may have seen before.  He basically talked about the car accident and the days following the accident in more detail.  His story is one of incredible faith, hope, and forgiveness.  What an amazing man!  For those of you who are curious, he ended up getting remarried to a woman (who also had two children) who had lost her husband to cancer.  He and his new wife have since had two kids together.  Such an inspirational story!


DeAnne Flynn


You know what?  I feel horrible but I just can’t seem to remember very many things that she spoke about.  Perhaps this was the talk when everyone in the Mother’s room was laughing and talking really loudly with each other.  Who knows.  I do remember that she showed a video of a number of women saying the things that they always forget (forget where they parked their cars, forget the names of their grand kids, forget birthdays, forget to read their scriptures, forget to send thank you notes, etc.).  Ironic, isn’t it, that I just happened to forget her talk? 😉


John Hilton


This was another talk that I am having a hard time remembering due to the lack of notes.  I do, however, remember that he focused his talk on the fact that the Book of Mormon asks 543 questions.  He spoke about various questions and the importance of them.  Particularly the question “Have ye inquired of the Lord?”  He talked about how when we have a question in our lives, although we could easily ask an intelligent person and receive an answer, we need to work at finding the answer on our own by studying the scriptures and inquiring of the Lord.  I know that in my life I need to do this more often.  My husband is so knowledgeable when it comes to so many things (I swear he’s a walking dictionary and triple combination) that I often take the easy way out and simply ask him.  I need to make more of an effort myself to inquire of the Lord.


Julie de Azevedo Hanks


I really enjoyed her talk.  She is a social worker/psychologist and focused her message on various myths about Mormon women.  I really wish that I had been able to take notes on this talk! 🙂  She discussed the fact that Mormon women seem to always say that they are “fine”…when really they aren’t.  She emphasized the fact that it is okay to feel emotion! 🙂  It is perfectly normal to feel upset and angry and any other emotion.  Feelings are not good or bad.  The key is learning how to manage and communicate your emotions effectively.  She also emphasized the fact that we, as women, need to learn to take care of ourselves.  Make time in our lives to do the things that we enjoy.  We can’t help others unless we help ourselves.  We need to try to be our authentic self (the person we were when we were born added to our individual experiences equals our authentic self).  Doing things for ourselves does not make us selfish.


Emily Watts


This was by far the most hilarious talk of the weekend.  I don’t think I can begin to do justice to her talk!  She discussed a few swimming analogies.  One of which really stuck with me.  She talked about how when she was young she took swimming lessons and struggled with it quite a bit.  At the end of her lessons she had to participate in a sort of  “recital” and show off the different strokes that she had learned.  What ended up happening, however, was that she did a cannon ball off of the diving board and simply tread water in the deep end.  She saw the end of the pool in the shallow end but she just couldn’t make herself swim there because she thought that it was too far away.  She thought that it would be too hard.  What she didn’t realize, however, is that she was exerting just as much energy by treading water in the deep end than it would have taken for her to simply swim to the other side of the pool.  So she ended up exerting a lot of energy, yet staying stagnant.  She compared that to our lives.  Where are we exerting our energy?  Where are we putting our best efforts?  Are we refusing to step out of our comfort zone because it looks too difficult?  I know that I need to put forth more of an effort to step out of my comfort zone.


Hilary Weeks

For those of you have heard her CD’s, you know that she’s amazing and inspiring!  She sang a number of songs and talked quite a bit as well.  She told one experience in which she had heard a statistic that stated that people think 300 negative thoughts per day.  She decided that she wanted to see if that was the case in her life so she bought herself a clicker to keep track of her negative thoughts.  She used this clicker for an entire week.  At the end of the week, all of her negative thoughts were accounted for, but she also felt extremely depressed.  She realized that if you focus on the negative, you will feel negative.  She determined to focus on the positive instead.  The next week she used her clicker to document the number of positive thoughts that she had.  It turned out to be a much better experience.  If you focus on the positive in your life rather than the negative, than you will be happier.

Anyway, that was the gist of my weekend!  I can hardly wait until next year!  Anyone want to go with me? 🙂


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