Toys are Overrated

I am constantly asking myself why my husband and I spend money on toys for our kids.  Every single Christmas and Birthday, they seem to be more enthralled with the box or bag that they toy came in than the actual toy itself.  We spent $1,000 on a nice playground for our backyard.  Although the kids enjoy it, they spend a lot of their time playing with sticks, rocks, and garbage.  It really irritates my husband.

Last week I took the kids to a nearby park, thinking that they would enjoy playing on the playground.  I was simply in awe, I tell you, at what they chose to play with instead.

Meet “Lorax”, their pet weed.

Yes, both Lizzie and Bryce fell in love with this little weed.  They lovingly referred to him as “Lorax”.  They played with him for a straight hour, neglecting the playground equipment altogether.

They put Lorax down for naps and told me to be quiet so that he could sleep.  They gave him nice long luxurious baths in the sand with imaginary bubbles.  They gave him showers by sprinkling sand on top of him.  They took him on walks.

They even kissed him.

Well, after a while it started to get pretty windy and I needed to take Mason home so that he could breath properly.  I was a bad mom that day and told my kids that they had to say goodbye to Lorax and leave him in his natural habitat.

They were upset about it, but eventually consented.

At home, they couldn’t stop talking about Lorax.  They had become obsessed with him.

I kept finding pictures of him around the house.

We went to the park again today.  A miracle occurred.

They found their Lorax!

They were ecstatic and continued to play with him right where they had left off last week.

I let them take Lorax home with them today.

The kids are in bed now…and Lorax somehow ended up in the garbage.

I’m sorry, but there are just too many toys around our house for them to spend their time playing with a weed.

I’m starting to feel a bit guilty though.

Maybe I’ll go dig through the trash can and try to resurrect little Lorax.

Hmmm…perhaps it is possible to become attached to a weed. 🙂


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