Slow Down

It seems that everyday life moves by faster and faster and we get busier and busier.

I am guilty of over scheduling.  My kids are happier when we are busier and the days go by faster, so during the week I schedule playdates, plan shopping trips or library excursions so that we aren’t sitting in one place too often.

Our weekends are filled with errands, yard work, birthday parties, family functions and whatever else that comes up that doesn’t involve relaxing.

We wanted to change that.

Two weekends ago we decided that we would slow down our lives a little bit and take a drive to see the California poppies.  They are only 15 miles or so up the road from our house and we had never been.  We talked it up to the kids about how pretty the orange fields were going to be so they wouldn’t mind a short car ride.

On the way there, Riley fell asleep so it left Mikey and Ty squealing in the back seat ready for the poppies.

We kept our eyes peeled for the rolling orange fields.

Instead we saw this:

 Once we got there I happened to remember reading an article and hearing the gossip that it really wasn’t a good year for the poppies.  Woops.

Michael started apologizing that it was a waste of time but I stopped him before he could finish.

I didn’t think it was a waste of time.  Sure we didn’t see the orange poppies and Mikey played 20 questions the whole way home trying to figure out why they weren’t there, but the drive had served its purpose.  We slowed our life down a bit.

I promised to stop over scheduling myself and we pledged to slow down every Saturday at least for a couple of hours.

It doesn’t seem like much but it isn’t easy finding two hours every Saturday to just relax and have fun.

We managed it last weekend though.  We went to the park and we played and played and played.  The kids ran around like crazy, but it felt like slowing down to me.

I got to watch them as they kicked and ran and rolled and laughed.  I watched as happy memories formed in their minds and they got seconds, minutes and hours older and was happy that I was there to witness it.

Slow down sometime.  You’ll be pleased with what you see.


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