Egg Carton Scavenger Hunt

I have to give props to Nickelodeon for giving us this idea.  Wish I would’ve come up with it on our own.  We were watching our morning cartoons, UmiZoomi or Dora, and this commercial came on about this egg carton scavenger hunt.  My boys insisted we do it right away.

So we did.  And I mean right away.  It’s that easy.  We got in our fridge and pulled out our egg cartons.  Luckily we had the cardboard kind and a lot of it because we had bought the 5-dozen eggs that week.

I sat the kids at the table and they got to work.

What you do is you color in the spaces where the eggs go with their own color.  Try to pick colors you will find easily in nature.  The carton on the commercial looked way better than ours.  I fought my controlling mom urges and let the kids color their own any way they wanted.  Mikey ended up picking three different kinds of green (maybe he’s smarter than I thought and knew it would be an easy find 😉 ) and Riley colored four out of his 12 with black, purple, blue and green.

It still worked though.  We didn’t even have to go far.  I was planning on taking them for a walk, which is probably what we will do next time, but we ended up staying in the backyard and they found plenty.

It was a fun outdoor activity that used their bodies and their minds.  We kept the egg cartons and will be doing this one a lot this summer!


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