Sisters Getting Healthy

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So, my sister and I, we are all about getting healthy.  And, we are all about supporting other sisters who have blogs.  So this post combines those two favorite things of ours, and asks you to support/join us too.

Like most of you I’m sure, we follow a blog called Six Sisters’ Stuff.  We love their recipes, tips, crafts and really, anything they post.

They did a post for the New Year about getting healthy and gave an 8 week challenge to make it happen.

I won’t copy the whole thing, I’m hoping you’ll head on over there and check it out yourself.

But it does involve starting on a Monday.  So, we’ll start tomorrow.  May 20, 2012.

You work to make yourself healthier but create accountability through teammates, and motivation through a money pool.

If this isn’t enough notice for you to join our group, start your own and begin next Monday.

We just think this is a great idea to get healthy!

We’ll post our results and any healthy recipes or activities in the upcoming weeks so we will be sure to stick with it.

Let us know if you want to join us!


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