Riley Easton Creel

Three years ago today, you surprised us and came almost six weeks early in what was such an easy labor that I thought I cheated somehow.  I know it doesn’t make sense, but it was how I felt.  You continued being such a sweet-natured baby.  You even gained the nickname of “Smiley Riley” because you were happy mostly all of the time.

You still are our little Smiley we just have to look quickly to catch it in your tornado of activity.  You are one bundle of energy!

If you aren’t sleeping, I don’t think you sit down for more than 10 minutes…and even that is rare.  You love to stuff your mouth, take a run, then stuff some more when you eat meals.  If you do attempt to watch a movie or show, you are walking or playing while you do so.  If I’m not careful, you will have moved on from legos, to trains, to Jenga, to playdough, to coloring, to cars, to dinosaurs and onto the next thing within a half an hour.

You are really good at building with legos.  You concentrate so hard with your little tongue sticking out of your mouth and you got a little OCD from your parents…everything you build is symmetrical!

You are really in the question stage of life.  You are always asking Where, Why, What, Who, etc.  You have learned so much in this last year and Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

I know that you will be getting rid of this soon, but I love the way you say your words that end in  ‘er’.  It comes out with you saying, I want some mowe(more), some laley(water), I am strongey (stronger).

You look up to Brubby (Mikey) so much.  You wait until he comes back from preschool just so you can show him all the things you did and you are always interested in what he learned at school.  You will do anything to get a laugh from him.

Or anyone.  You are such a little ham.  At least for our family.

You are still shy around big groups, but people are getting to know you little by little.

You love matching, counting, colors and are working on your alphabet.  If I can teach you something without you having to sit through it, you are so quick to learn!

Your snuggles are few and far between but they are so nice and we love when we get them.  You’ll snuggle me anytime if I scratch your back.  You love it!

I am a sucker for those huge eyes.  You get your way more often than not and we are working hard on getting you to clean up after yourself and not get so many treats because you are so darn cute!

Ty Ty looks up to you so much and you always know how to make him smile.  I know you can’t wait until he’s moving around so you can show him a few things, maybe get him into a little trouble 🙂

We love you Riley and are so blessed to have you in our family.  These last three years with you have been so fun-filled and adventurous and we hope you never change.  You are a silly, sweet, funny, loving gus who makes us proud to be your parents.

Happy Third Birthday!


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