The 100 Workout

Since we have started our 8-week-challenge, I wanted to find new workouts so that I will continue to challenge myself and not get bored with the same old routine.  I found this workout on Pinterest, but there is no credit to who actually originated the routine.  This is a workout that I have ended up using more than once and will definitely use for a long time.  It doesn’t work out your arms so you have to work in some extra time to do those separate, but everything else feels the burn during this workout.

The 100 Workout

100 jumping jacks

90 abdominal crunches

80 squats

70 leg lifts (crunches with your legs)

60 jumping jacks

50 abdominal crunches

40 squats

30 leg lifts

20 jumping jacks

10 minutes of cardio (running, biking, jump roping, etc)

It ends up taking half an hour or so and the thing I love about it is after it starts getting easy then you can modify by adding weights or setting a time limit and racing against your old times.  It may seem like a lot, but give it a try.  You’ll love it!


One thought on “The 100 Workout

  1. I just did 100 jumping jacks, then other stuff, then did 60. That really pumps up your heart rate! I need to do those more consistently. Thanks for posting this!

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