Michael Jeffrey Creel

Five years old!  You are five years old.  Mikey, Mikey, Mikey.  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and the boy you are growing up to be.  You introduced us to the joy and unconditional and infinite love that comes with being a parent.  You taught us how to get by on sleepless nights and that we will do anything to get a child to laugh.

You are our oldest son and you are so good at it!  You are mature for your age and are such a helper with your little brothers.  You are sensitive and caring.  You love Ty Ty and Riley.  You are always asking if we can wake them up from their naps so you can play with them.  You are so good at making them laugh and you always laugh when you are with them.  It is so sweet to see you all together and it makes us very happy that you are such a good brother.

You have worked so hard this year at preschool and have gotten even smarter!  You are still so interested in dinosaurs and know more than we have ever known, but you have expanded your interests to space and nature and are interested in sounding out every word you see.  You can’t wait until you can read on your own!

You have the ability to sit and watch a movie or learn something, but you are also so full of energy.  You are always playing some sort of animal or power ranger or superhero.  Your latest thing is playing man vs wild and building rafts and skinning snakes.

You are obsessed with favorites.  You have a favorite of everything and you want to know what everyone else’s favorites are as well.  All day long you question us what our favorite color, food, meat-eating dinosaur, pterosaur, television show, etc.  You are so particular with details.  You want to know what tools professions use, what makes what or what goes into building certain things.

Your whole life you have wanted to do everything daddy does, but lately you have been including mommy.  The two things you wanted to do for your birthday were to go to a bookstore with mommy and play basketball with daddy.  You are interested in so many things and can learn things so quickly.  When you grow up you are going to be a paleontologist, a daddy, an enrollment counselor, and a teacher.

You have been so excited to turn five and go to Kindergarten but you also love Peter Pan and sometimes you tell us that you are going to live in Neverland and never grow up so you can stay this little forever with us.  You see that we have mixed feelings about you growing up 🙂  We are so proud of you and wish you a Happy Happy day.  Love you Mikey!


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