I’ve been thinking a lot for the past couple of weeks about opportunity and what that means to me.  When Mikey prays, he always says, “thank You for this opportunity.”  I know he hears other people pray and say that they’re thankful for the opportunity to (fill in the blank) and just mimicking.  But when we ask him what opportunity he is thankful for, he just looks at us and says, just the opportunity.

I’ve been working on keeping that thought in the forefront of my mind and no matter what is happening, I’m trying to be thankful for the opportunity. Whether the moment is big or small, good or bad, I’m trying to seek out what opportunity it is providing me with.

I’m thankful for the opportunity that I have to learn new things, to lend a helping hand, to have children, to love my children, to make new friends, to empathize, to sympathize, to develop my hobbies, to suffer (however small it may be), to laugh, to live healthy, to exercise, to date my husband, to read a good book, to watch a well-made film, to live near my sister, to be able to travel to see my family, to live frugally, to fail often, and to dream big.

Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest Pins on OPPORTUNITY:









Thank you Mikey for reminding me to recognize OPPORTUNITY.


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