I Need Your Opinion

We have a problem in this household.  Well, not just one, but there’s a specific one that I will talk about today.

There are a few household/beauty products that I can’t get just right.  I buy a new  brand every time, hoping to find the one that I will fall in love with and stick with.  I haven’t had such luck.  So I’m putting myself out there.  I need you to tell me what brands you use/love and why.  I want a favorite that I know works and I can rely on every time.

1.  Toilet Paper:  This item prompted this post.  We aren’t one to splurge on toilet paper, but we know what good toilet paper means.  We can’t help but comment on other people’s toilet paper when we go to their house, and we are always jealous of the soft ones.  A couple of months ago, there was some toilet paper on sale at Albertsons and it said ‘super soft’ on the package.  I thought I had come to the end of my toilet paper search.  But, no.  This product gave toilet paper its name because it was just that.  Paper.  It was so thin it was see-through and I think it is rougher than paper.  More like the branch it came from.  We caved in and got the Charmin Ultra Soft after that, but I still want to know if anyone has a good alternative.

2.  Conditioner:  I need to condition my hair.  Especially when it gets longer, I can’t untangle the ratsnest without it.  I would love to find a brand that doesn’t cost a ton, but that I don’t have to use a cup of in the shower, and that it will help my hair not be brittle and broken.  Nursing is bad enough on my hair, I need something good.  I seem to come home with a new brand every time, and it all seems the same.

3. Hairspray:  This one is serious.  I have tried SO many kinds of hairspray.  Even the one’s that work on my sister-in-laws and they buy in bulk and swear by.  I will put hot rollers in, curl, 3-barrel, etc…and within the hour, my hair is stick straight with some volume.  It is so frustrating!  The only way I can curl my hair is to wrap it in a headband or braid it the night before when my hair is wet.  I need some powerful hold so I don’t look homeless everyday.

4. Deodorant: I don’t know if it’s just me, but my body gets immune to a deodorant if I use it for too long.  This led to changing brands.  But now it seems that I find a new brand every time because I can’t find the one that works 100% all the time.  Especially how hot this summer is already, I would love some good advice on this one.

Please leave a comment with a shout-out to your favorite brands.  I will be super grateful!


3 thoughts on “I Need Your Opinion

  1. We use quilted northern double rolls and buy it when on sale, I decided toilet paper is one of the things that is ok the splurge on, and sauve conditioner seems to work well with my hair but mine is very thin and I also leave it on for a long time before rinsing it out that seems to help a lot I’ve for nothing for hairspray I gave up on it a long time ago I think some people’s hair just likes to stay straight and I’ve always used dove deodorant but I seriously must be the luckiest women ever because I hardly even need it I just don’t smell, have you tried one of the men’s brands that’s what I would do.

  2. I love to use most Dove products. Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap.. and Aussie Hair spray. The Dove Damage Therapy shampoo and conditioner makes my hair so soft and silky. It took me a long time to find a brand of Shampoo and conditioner that I really liked. I tried many different kinds until I tried to damage therapy ones. I love them! We usually just get Charmin Basic toilet paper because it’s a cheaper brand but doesn’t just fall apart. It works good for us! 🙂

  3. I can give you one tip on the conditioner: I use any brand that is on sale. After I wash my hair, and while my hair is wet, I apply anti-frizz serum before I blow dry my hair. You can buy any brand of anti-frizz serum and you can find them in the section of hair products. If I remember to apply the serum, my hair is usually pretty silky with a nice sheen.

    Can’t help you with the rest. I don’t use #3 and #4. As for toilet paper, my family and I are not picky–any brand would work for us.

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