No-Bake Energy Bites

I’m being lazy today and re-posting something off of a blog I love and follow (Smashed Peas and Carrots).  The picture and recipe are hers and I hope you go over to her blog and check it out and I hope you try out these tasty snacks.
We learned how to make these at enrichment night and I can’t stop making them.  They are way better than granola bars.
1 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup peanut butter (or other nut butter)
1/3 cup honey
1 cup coconut flakes
1/2 cup ground flaxseed
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
1 tsp vanilla
Mix everything above in a medium bowl until thoroughly incorporated.  Let chill in the refrigerator for half an hour.  Once chilled, roll into balls and enjoy!  Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to 1 week.
Go ahead, Indulge!

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