What’s For Dinner?

Around this time every two weeks, I start searching the web for new ideas for dinner.  We only go major grocery shopping every two weeks, so I plan meals for two weeks and then plan my grocery list accordingly.  We have the same go-to meals that we eat a lot, but I like to try one new recipe every week to see if I can add some variety into our dinner life.  These are my top three websites I visit.

Tasty Kitchen

This is just an example of something I have found on there.  My kids will eat anything on a kabob.  Seriously.  This website was started by the Pioneer Woman but anyone can sign up and contribute their recipes.  It is awesome!  They also do collections around holidays that make your recipe search easy.  Love it!

$5 Dinners

Every recipe on this site only costs $5 to make.  My kids will eat a lot of her recipes too.  This is chuckwagon chili.  We eat this a lot in the winter.  She saves my mealtimes and my budget.

The Picky Palate

I love this website.  She has boys like me, so I often go here to know how to feed ’em.  She also inspired me to buy a cast iron skillet because she has endless ideas on how to use it.  Simple and tasty.  Mmmm.

Of course there are others I frequent, Our Best Bites, SkinnyTaste, and SmittenKitchen.

Are you like me and get all your ideas off of the interent and occasionally open a cookbook?  What websites are your favorites?


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