Highway Letters, Shapes, and Numbers

As I have mentioned previously, Bryce loves anything to do with cars!  I found this absolutely amazing website last year with tons of ideas for so many different topics, one of them being cars.  You seriously have to check out this website!

I printed out Highway ABC Cards, Highway Number Cards (only numbers 1 – 10), and Highway Shape Cards.  Bryce loves them!

I printed the Shape Cards on black construction paper, cut them out, and then glued them on white card stock.  I also labeled each shape.  I also put each page in a sheet protector.

I ran out of black construction paper.  I ended up printing the Numbers and ABC cards on normal white paper and coloring it to look like a road.  It took a while.  I finished the number cards before Mason was born and I’m still working on coloring the rest of the ABC cards!  🙂  The things you do to save a little ink in your printer…

Make some of these for your kids!  They will love them! 🙂


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