Felt Color/Shape Dominos

We were playing Dominos on Monday and I thought that it would be cool to create some out of felt (because I have somewhat of an unhealthy relationship with the material).  I imagined something vibrant and, luckily for me, I happened to have enough felt in my stash to whip up some color/shape dominos.

They were pretty easy to make, although a tad bit time consuming.  It didn’t take me more than an hour altogether, however, which isn’t too shabby!

Materials Needed

(Makes 48 Dominos)

2 sheets of black felt

1/2 Sheet of white felt

About 1/4 sheet of 8 different colors of felt (I used Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Purple, and Dark Purple)

Liquid Stitch


(I wasn’t very precise in my measurements, I just eye-balled everything.  This is why I was able to make these so quickly.  If you are obsessive compulsive and have a need for exact precision, then you’ll have to measure everything and make your own patterns for the shapes.)

Using the black felt, cut out the base of the Dominos.  Mine are approximately 1 x 2 inches.

Using the white felt, cut out long skinny strips for the dividing line on the Dominos.

Using the colored felt, cut out 12 of each (you can either do one shape, or you can do different shapes.  I cut out 4 circles, 4 triangles, and 4 squares of each color).

Using the liquid stitch, glue the pieces together to resemble Dominos!

I allowed my pieces to dry overnight and they were ready by morning!

To play, match the colors.  I thought that it would be cool to be able to match the shapes too, but we haven’t played that way yet.  If anything, the kids can simply use the pieces to make a really colorful design…it looks awesome!

Have fun! 🙂


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