Road Trip Essentials

Today we are embarking into the unknown.  Well, not really.  It’s actually all too well-known in our family.  The 12-hour trip from Southern California to Northern Utah is one we both love and hate to take.  To be fair, our kids were awesome on our last trip.  Ty was only 6-weeks old and it was our best drive yet.

We just don’t want to risk it this time.  So we’re trying to drive overnight.  I’m sure we’ll get tired and sleep off and on, so there will be some daytime driving.  We need to be prepared for the times when the kids are awake so that they are fully occupied and we don’t hear “are we there yet?” or “this is taking a long time!”.  Both favorites of our kids even on a 5-minute trip to Target.

I get gallon ziplock bags and fill it with snacks for the kids.  They get one snack at a designated time until their snacks are done (a trick learned from my parents) and an etch-a-sketch each.  Then we have the DVD players for when it really gets out of control and little hands aren’t kept to themselves.

Something we found at Marshall’s this year and I am really excited to use is this book: description: Product Description: Fill long car rides with games to entertain the whole family! Featuring group activities, games and puzzles for all ages, this fun and interactive book is an ideal way to pass the time while traveling. With spotting, guessing, action, imagination and word games, this book makes the perfect antidote to a long drive.

I’ve looked through the book and there is A LOT for even toddlers to do. The kids are excited and I think this book will become a family treasure.


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