5 Ways To Burn 100 Calories

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I don’t know about you, but the holidays are always a good excuse to eat a lot.  And to not exercise.  Vacations do that to me too.  And luckily for me, this Fourth of July holiday I was on vacation 🙂  I saw this slide show on Spark People a couple of weeks ago, and knew it was the perfect thing for me while I would be in Utah.

I knew I didn’t want to fit in huge workouts, but I didn’t want to get totally off track.  I loved these exercises so much that I’ll do them on busy days when I get home.

1.  Dance:  I’ve always said that there’s nothing like a Britney dance party with my sons to get my high school body back.  If you dance like there’s not tomorrow for 10-15 minutes, there’s 100 calories burned.  Now that’s something I can have fun with!

2. Shopping: I’ve mentioned this one before about my Costco trips, but shopping is quite the workout.  Walking around and shopping for 40 minutes will burn 100 calories.  Think of the calories you can add to that when you bring the kiddos along 🙂

3. Gardening: Just 20 minutes of working the earth will burn 100 calories for you.  Plus, you’re growing the good stuff for your diet anyway.  Win-win.

4. Helping Someone Move: We get this opportunity quite a bit where we live for some reason.  But apparently it’s a good thing.  In under 20 minutes, you can burn 100 calories from lifting boxes and carrying them around.  If nobody’s moving, reorganize your garage.  Being productive and helpful can burn calories.  Cool!

5. Interval Training: I end up doing this a lot just as I’m going through the day because it makes me feel like I’m exercising.  While I’m feeding Ty his oatmeal I do 50 calf exercises.  Then I walk with high knees over to the sink.  Then I do push ups while I’m giving him his post-meal kisses.  You get the idea.  Integrate intervals and burn 100 calories in 9 minutes.

Try this quick routine:

  • Jumping jacks: 20 seconds
  • Rest: 10 seconds
  • High knees: 20 seconds
  • Rest: 10 seconds
  • Jump rope (or pretend jumping rope): 20 seconds
  • Rest: 10 seconds
    Repeat 9 times to kiss 100 calories goodbye!

 I love things like this because your working out but it doesn’t feel like it.  Sometimes I need that!  Anybody else have quick and easy ways they burn 100 calories daily?  I’d love to hear it!

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