Our Morning Adventures

Every morning is the same at our house.  Bryce wakes up at 6:00 (if I’m lucky…it’s often earlier) and we cuddle on the couch while he drinks some water.  Lizzie wakes up soon afterward and I cuddle her on the couch while she drinks some milk.  Then I get them their breakfast (lately they have just wanted Strawberry Special K cereal) and pack Jon his lunch while they are eating.  I quickly scarf something down as well.  Then Mason wakes up.  I feed Mason (if he hasn’t already sucked me dry during the night, of course) and then help everyone get dressed for the day.

By this time, it’s 7:00.

We say a quick goodbye to Daddy (and squeeze in a quick prayer) before everyone gets their shoes on (aside from Mason, of course).  We head outside.  I place the boys in the double stroller and help Lizzie fasten on her helmet.  Lizzie jumps on her bike and we are off for yet another morning adventure.

Lizzie loves riding her bike and she does a great job!  Pretty soon she’ll be able to go on long bike rides with me…I can hardly wait! 🙂  But for now, we stick to our little 1-mile rides.

The thing that the kids enjoy the most about our little adventures are all of the creatures that they get to see.  We have seen rabbits and frogs before, but we typically only see potato bugs, baby caterpillars, and snails.

Both Lizzie and Bryce like to try and hold the creatures, although they usually don’t cooperate with them.

Unfortunately, Bryce has a tendency to be quite malicious at times and he squishes the innocent bugs.  The worst is when he squishes the snails.  I feel so bad for them!

He just squished a potato bug in this picture and Lizzie was assessing the bug to see if there was hope for recovery.

I love watching my kids be enthralled with nature.

If only we could always stay so enthusiastic about all of God’s creations!

I really love our little morning adventures!

Being a Mom is so much fun. 🙂


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