*Warning: Poop tales follow*

On our way home from Logan, we stopped in Payson to see some good friends of ours who had just had a baby the week before.  We were excited to break up the drive and to see the tiny little wonder.  They had just moved into this new house the week before as well, so we were one of the first to see their new place.

They rent the bottom level of a farmhouse in the countryside of Payson.  I didn’t know Payson had a countryside, but it’s true.  And it’s beautiful.  Their house was pristine and you could tell it had just been cleaned and all their furniture and decorations were being put in place and they were getting settled.

When we got their they had that look of “we are so happy to see you but we could also fall asleep at any moment while you are here”.  It had been a busy week for them with having the baby, moving, and then having family over.  We were just going to make this quick visit and then let them get some rest.

While Michael and his friend went outside to show the boys the chickens, I stayed in and nursed Ty and spoke with my friend.  I hadn’t nursed Ty for hours because we had been busy visiting people all day, so I had been slipping him the bottle instead.  Needless to say, the overabundance of milk didn’t settle with Ty too well; he projectile vomited all over their couch.  I mean, really, all over.  At least half of it.

My poor friend had to get up with her baby that had just fallen asleep to get the items that I would need to clean up the couch so we didn’t permanently stink it up.  She was so nice about it too.  But I felt horrible.  I set Ty on the ground and got to cleaning.

He was happy on the ground so I left him there to play, and soon the boys and the husbands were back inside as well.  About ten minutes later, I noticed Ty had his bright red, grunting, pushing face.  I watched him for a minute and when I thought he was done I laid him down to clean him up.

I should’ve known before I laid him down that the smell was awfully strong.  Too strong to be contained by his diaper.  Once on his back, I could see the poop had run down both his legs and was covering a pretty good area of their carpet.  There were also numerous whole raisins in it.  I only mention that because they are the culprit for causing this huge mess.  Well, technically, I was for giving them to him, but he was starving at my aunt’s house and that was all I had left in my purse.

Once again, my poor friend was getting out the carpet cleaner and fetching plastic bags for me to put the nasty leftovers in.  I had to enlist Michael’s help in changing this one it was so bad, and I never do that.

They were so nice about it, laughed it off, and even agreed with us that this was better than it happening in the car, where it would be a lot harder to contain the mess and the smell.

Needless to say, I don’t think they’ll be inviting us over again anytime soon.

I had been home from Utah for a couple of days when my sister came over with her kids.  We had been having a nice day and the kids were playing well together.  I had just finished telling her this poo story because she had mentioned that she needed to change her baby’s diaper.  I should’ve kept my mouth shut.  In retrospect, I should’ve never fed Ty that first raisin.

While she was changing her son’s diaper, he pushed out a squirt that went all over her pants and my carpet.  Projectile poop.  Who knew?

She kept saying how sorry she was and I really didn’t care.  I should’ve seen it coming.  That’s karma, man.  It will always get you.

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