A Favorite Family Night Activity

Whenever Jon and I don’t have anything specific planned for Family Home Evening, this is one of the simple activities that we often resort to.  The kids both love it.  I did it with them today after church.  No matter how many times we sing the song or play the game, it’s always a success! 🙂

We start out by singing “Nephi’s Courage“.  I love that song!  It’s actually a song that the primary kids are supposed to know for the primary program this year.  A couple of years ago, I made simple little stick puppets to help Lizzie learn the song.  My kids love singing the song and using the puppets!  We have to sing it over and over again so that they can each get their turn with their favorite puppets. 🙂

You can make your own puppets quite easily too!  I just looked at a few of my favorite LDS clipart websites (here, here, and here), found pictures that correspond with the words (as closely as possible), printed them out, colored them, laminated them, and attached them to Popsicle sticks.

The kids choose their puppets (or I assign them out of necessity) and we enthusiastically sing the song over and over and over again. 🙂

After we sing the song, we play “CTR Bingo”.  A few years ago, I was able to print out the game for free, however, the company is now charging about $2 for it (which isn’t too bad).  You can buy your own game out here.  Or, you could easily make one yourself.

We use anything from chocolate chips to cheerios for our bingo markers.  The kids like chocolate chips the best, of course. 🙂

They sit on the floor (or table) with a bowl cheerios between them.

I flip a CTR card over and they place a cheerio on the correct color.

The first person to get three in a row yells “Choose the Right!!!”.  I ask the winner to name one good choice that they have made recently.  (Lizzie’s good choice was that she helped to clean her room).

After each bingo, they are allowed to clear their board by eating the cheerios.

We keep playing until the cheerios disappear, or the kids become bored.

Anyway, we love this easy FHE activity at our house!  I like it because it incorporates music, an activity, a treat, and a gospel discussion.  What more could you ask for?! 🙂


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