Dr. Apppointment Anxiety


I am one of those mother’s who is a 100% advocate for not comparing your child to your own children, or other people’s children.  Yet, Dr. Appt. time comes around and I find myself looking through baby books to see how much the other kids weighed and what tricks they could do by the same age milestone.  I dread getting the Dr.’s question when I’ll have to say that No, my child cannot do what you think he should be doing.  Then I put the blame on myself that I should be doing more to make sure each of my kids is developing at the rate he should be.

I need to read more with Mikey, work on letters and numbers more with Riley, introduce Ty to all the words and sounds around him.  More.  I always find myself needing to do more.  It’s not because I would even love them less for not meeting the milestones, I just want the best for them.

Ty had his 9 month appt. today, even though he’s been nine months for a couple of weeks.  Look at that chunky monkey.  He really is such a sweetheart.  The Dr. didn’t want to give him back :).  I got to tell him that Ty started crawling a few days ago (yeah, we’re constantly running here) and then had to admit that he still won’t sleep through the night.  After everything I got to breathe a sigh of relief because the Dr. said he was just perfect and such a good boy.  Good news.

Am I alone in my Dr. Appt anxiety?

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