Under the Bed

Tomorrow, when I am trying to make it through Lizzie’s first day of Kindergarten without bawling my eyes out, I am planning on cleaning and organizing her bedroom.  This includes discovering the mysteries that await me underneath her spacious daybed.

The last time that I ventured underneath her bed, I found this:

Her precious Belle doll that she received for Christmas a few years ago.

She loves that doll.

What would possess her to color all over its forehead?

When I confronted her with that very question, she told me that Bryce did it.


Blame the poor unfortunate little brother.

Fortunately for me, Lizzie is awful at telling lies.  She doesn’t make eye contact and she looks guiltier than sin.

I asked her if she was sure that Bryce colored on her doll.

She told the truth this time.  She said that it was an “accident”, but at least she admitted to doing the vandalism herself.

I tried to wash it off but failed miserably.

It looks as if this poor Belle doll is destined to be dirty for its entire lifespan.

I wonder what surprises I’ll discover tomorrow?

If, that is, I even end up getting around to organizing her room.

I may just sit on the floor and play with the boys.

In fact, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Before I know it, they will be going to Kindergarten as well.

I had better savor every available moment with them.

(Sniff, sniff)


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