Blood is Thick

See those two mommas up there?  See that gleam of pride in our eyes as we hold our firstborn.  Just behind that gleam you will find all the hopes and dreams we had for our little ones before they had even turned one.  One of those dreams, that had seemed so far in the distant future, was that they would go to Kindergarten.  At the time this picture was taken, my sister and I weren’t even living in the same state, so we had no idea, that four years later, our eldest children would be starting Kindergarten together, on the same day, in the same school, and even with the same teacher.  How cool is that?!

Don’t they look adorable?  They were very excited and didn’t even cry when we left them in their classroom.  We definitely have the independent type for children.  But we are SO proud!  Even thinking about this day the last couple of weeks has caused us to take a stroll down memory lane.  We put together a bunch of our favorite pictures of these two cousins.  We are so happy they get to share this experience.

Here they are playing restaurant or chef.  They have always shared their imaginations.

Lizzie Lou apparantly not as excited for this picture as Mikey.

They have been best friends since Lizzie was born.

I think they were just waiting for dinner here, but I love Lizzie’s hat.  I think Mikey has a musical birthday card of Lizzies that she got that day, and they played for months to come.

Lizzie is giving Mikey the stink eye for some reason 🙂

Museum friends

They used to love watching baby Einstein together.

This was one of the first times they saw each other since at the time we were living six hours apart.  They held hands immediately.

They shared their food

Lizzie was practicing her cosmetology skills at an early age.

These kids have gone from chunky babies to independent five-year-olds.  Can’t believe the time went by so quickly.  It will be a blink of an eye and we’ll be showing these Kindergarten pictures as they graduate from high school.  Crazy, Crazy.  I’m so happy they have each other.


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