Birthday Traditions

I try to make our kids feel special on their birthday’s without going overboard.  I think that it would be really cool to have huge birthday parties for them every single year, but it hasn’t been practical for us.  In fact, Lizzie has only had one birthday party with friends and the rest of our parties have been with family only.  We’ll see how long this will last as she’s getting older and starting to make more friends.

I love it how young kids look forward to their birthday’s so much!  Lizzie was seriously talking about her birthday for months!  One of the things that we do at our house is allow the kids to choose the kind of birthday cake that they want.  It’s fun for them, and it has actually been pretty fun for me as well.  I am obviously not a professional cake-decorator.  Some of my cakes look better than others.  But it has been fun for me, nonetheless. 🙂

Here are most of the cakes that I have made for my kids so far:

(Bryce’s 1st Birthday – his very own chocolate cake to dig into and make a huge mess)

(Lizzie’s 2nd Birthday — she was obsessed with “Little Einsteins” at the time)

(Lizzie’s 3rd Birthday — she requested a “Green Eggs and Ham” cake)

(Bryce’s 2nd Birthday — he LOVES Thomas the Train)

(Lizzie’s 4th Birthday — all she wanted was a “flower” cake)

(Lizzie’s 5th Birthday — she wanted a “Minnie” cake)

(Jon always wants me to make him this cake for his birthday)

The kids really love choosing the kind of cake that they want each year and actually talk about it for months.  Bryce wants a “Pirate” cake for his birthday in a few weeks.  I wonder how I’ll pull that off? 🙂  Thank goodness for the internet! 🙂

We used to have a tradition where Jon took the birthday child out for breakfast on the morning of their birthday.  I still like that tradition, but we had to change it.  Aside from the price, Lizzie started school and Jon’s work started earlier which makes it pretty difficult to go out for breakfast in the morning.

I decided to start this tradition instead.  I did it with Lizzie and I think that it’s a keeper.  It’s simple and it makes them feel special.  I made pancake batter, colored it pink with food coloring, shaped the pancake in the number “5” (she turned five years old), and put sprinkles on top.  She loved it and is already talking about next year when she’ll get a “six” pancake. 🙂

Also, starting this year, I placed these cute little presents on our counter for the entire week before the birthday.

My mom made these for me and Lizzie just loved seeing them on the counter!  They made her even more excited for her birthday! 🙂

Anyway, that’s about it.

Do any of you have any awesome birthday traditions that you are willing to share with us?


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