First Week Of Kindergarten

(Picture I took of Mikey right as I woke him up for his first day)

Mikey has only been in Kindergarten for a week now, but it somehow feels like forever.  Maybe it’s the driving him there and back everyday?  It’s been fun though.  Here are a few of my favorite things that he’s said this week.


Me: Did you have fun on your first day of Kindergarten?

Mikey:  No, it is really boring, Mom.  We just sit on the floor all day and do nothing.

Me:  Mikey, it’s not going to be like preschool where you get to play a lot.

Mikey:  I know.  But we didn’t learn anything either.  Really. We just sat there all day.


Mikey:  Mom, can I ask you something?

Me:  Sure, babe.

Mikey:  All the other kids are getting chocolate milk with their lunches.  Do you think it would be all right if I had some money for milk?

It starts already…..


Mikey:  There is something weird about Kindergarten.

Me:  What?

Mikey:  They call me a weird name.

Me:  What’s that?

Mikey:  MichaelC.  I don’t know what that means.


Mikey:  We read a funny  book in school today.

Me:  What was it called?

Mikey:  Little Miss Trouble

Me:  What was it about?

Mikey:  A girl who lies about things and so people punch her in the face.

Me:  What?  Are you sure?

Mikey:  Well, she lies about things.  I don’t know if anyone punched her in the face.


(Mikey’s homework for the week is to write his name once a day and then turn it in at the end of the week)

First Day of Homework:

Mikey:  This is taking forever!

Me:  Your name is six letters long, sweetie.

Mikey:  Ugh.  I hate homework.

HaHaHaHaHa….It starts already…….


The second day I picked Mikey up from school and he looked miserable.  We made it to the car and he admitted that he had to go to the bathroom really bad.  I asked him why he didn’t go at school.

Mikey:  The toilets are really weird, mommy.

Me:  What to you mean?

Mikey:  They are this small (holds hands about a foot apart)

Me:  Are you sure?

Mikey: Yes, they are too small for me.  But I’ll go next time.  Even that would be better than this.

(We asked Lizzie, the toilets are that small 🙂  )


Every morning we go early so I can park by the gate he goes in and watch him walk in without getting all the kids out of the car.  Every morning he gives me a hug and a kiss and then starts walking away.  Then he says, oh wait, I forgot, and comes and gives me another hug and a kiss.  Then he stops and waves with the cutest smile on his face about 7 times during his 20 yard trip to the gate.

Love this boy.

(standing by his desk)

One thought on “First Week Of Kindergarten

  1. Haha, all of the conversations made me laugh. He’s such a little sweetie, coming back for more hugs and kisses. I can’t believe how fast our kids are growing up. Next year Anna will be in kindergarten too! Aaaagghh! 🙂

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