She’s a Winner

To say that Lizzie loves doing anything artistic would be a huge understatement.  She would rather paint or color than do just about anything.  As such, Jon and I thought that it would be a good experience for her to be able to enter some of her artwork into the Fair.  It only cost one dollar per entry, although we had to spend a bit of money on the frames.

Here she is on her way to submit her precious artwork.  She was so excited and was very adamant about being “Miss Independent”! 🙂

We couldn’t find out if she won any ribbons until the fair actually started (a few weeks after submitting her work).

This past Saturday, we were all very excited to go to the fair and find out how she did.  We were all completely shocked (especially Lizzie) to discover that one of her oil pastels actually won Best in her division (Age 5 and Under)!

Do you see the look of pure joy on her face?!  It was one of those absolutely priceless moments that I hope to never forget.  She was so happy that her masterpiece that she worked so hard on was actually hanging up for everyone in the “world” to see and admire. 🙂

She also earned a 1st place spot for this watercolor painting:

And she earned one 3rd place and two honorable mentions!

All in all, she earned a total of $25!

It was a such a neat experience for her!

Such a self-esteem booster!

We will definitely be doing this again next year.

Have any of you ever thought of entering your kids artwork in the fair?


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