Treasure Counting

Bryce has been obsessed with pirates lately.

I made him this simple little counting game that kind of has to do with pirates, which made it a bit more interesting for him.

I used some scrap felt (I seem to have a never-ending supply of scraps!) to make some coins and jewels.

I just cut out two matching shapes and used the hot glue gun to glue them together on three sides.  Then I filled them with beans and glued the remaining side shut.  These would be much nicer if I sewed them together, however, when it takes me nearly two hours to simply thread the needle on the sewing machine, I don’t hesitate to use my glue gun! 🙂  It actually didn’t take too long to make these, and Bryce helped me stuff them with beans.  He was a good little helper!

If you have a real treasure chest, your game will look cooler than mine. 🙂  We don’t have a real treasure chest so I quickly threw one together out of a cardboard box.  Lizzie actually told me that it doesn’t look like a treasure chest at all…which is true.  I love how nice and honest 5-year-olds can be! 🙂

To play the game, you simply put the treasure chest in a designated spot (on the couch, on the floor, etc.) and stand as far away from it as you prefer.  Then throw the jewels into the chest and count them as you go.  Or, you can tell your child to throw in a specific number of jewels.  You can just tell him or her verbally, or you can hold up a sign with a certain number written on it (to help with number recognition).  You can also play simple addition and subtraction games using the treasure.

Anyway, it’s a simple game, but Bryce likes it because it has to do with treasure! 🙂  Lizzie likes to play as well, I just didn’t get any pictures of her because she ditches us every day and goes to Kindergarten.  How dare she! 🙂

Have fun! 🙂


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