Green Eggs Pretzel Snack

I meant to put this little snack idea in with the Dr. Suess entry that I posted a few months ago, but I forgot.  I made these “Green Egg Pretzels” for Lizzie’s third Green Eggs and Ham birthday party a few years ago and they have been a favorite of ours since then.

You need:

Mini pretzel rods

White candy melts (or white chocolate chips)

Green M&M’s


I placed my candy melts inside of a Wilton candy melt microwave safe plastic bag (the triangle shaped ones).  You can probably just use a Ziploc bag as well.  Melt the candy melts in the microwave.  I checked mine every 15 seconds or so and squished the bag around until the candy melts were all evenly melted.  I then cut the tip off of my baggie (or you can cut a corner off of a Ziploc bag).

Next, place two pretzel rods together.  Squeeze a dot of chocolate onto the two pretzel rods (enough to cover the two rods so that they will be stuck together once the candy hardens).   Place a green M&M in the center of your white dot to create your “green egg”.  Repeat this process however many times that you desire.

Place your green eggs on top of wax paper to cool.  Once cool, store in airtight container.

If you like salty and sweet treats, than you ought to give these a try!  They are addicting.  Plus, they look really cool.  🙂

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