Job Chart Reward System

I’ve been wanting to make a job chart for my kiddos for some time, and had yet to find the ambition to actually do so.  I finally got around to doing it a couple of weeks ago, and I am so glad I did.  I found the easiest way for me to make it, and it works really well for my children.

Can’t for the life of me figure out why this picture is sideways, but hope you get the main idea.

I got these magnets at Walmart and they came with the adhesive on the one side.  So I traced the magnet in a bunch of circles onto a piece of cardstock and drew (with the suggestions and help of my kids) pictures for all the jobs I wanted them to accomplish.  Then, I cut out the circles and just stuck them on the magnet.  So easy!

I made one large star for both of the kids to share just to save space on my fridge, but they really don’t mind that.  I colored Mikey’s red and Riley’s blue (I think that was after I took this picture 🙂 ) and when they do the job it’s on the star, when they don’t, it’s off the star.

The happy face and frowny face tells them if they are making good choices or bad choices at the moment.  If they end the day with the happy face on the star, they’re in good shape.

If they get all of their buttons on the star (the hardest for them is eating all of their dinner 🙂 )  then they get to put a quarter in their jar.  In a couple of months we are going to let them take their quarters to the bank for some actual dollars, then go pick out a toy at the store.  Then they are rewarded for being good every day, and realize how hard one has to work to get the things that they want.

Like I said, it’s only been a couple of weeks, but it’s working well for us and I am so happy I finally got some structure with this part of our lives.

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