Fall Learning Activities

Since Lizzie has been at school during the day, Bryce and I have had the opportunity to spend a lot more one-on-one time together (well, with Mason too, of course).  Since I didn’t put Lizzie in pre-school I have been collecting a bunch of educational activities and ideas for a few years now.  As I was looking into my stash, I realized that I have collected quite a few activity ideas based on the fall season.

There are so many free resources on the web to take advantage of! 🙂  I just google a subject and tons of ideas pop up!  Most of these ideas, however, come from this website, and Oopsey Daisey’s Mommy School Lesson Plans that she offers for free!  I really wish that I had a source for all of these activities but I often just glance at an idea and then just store it away in my memory for later (like I mentioned, some of these ideas have been floating around in my head for a few years!).  I also came up with some of these myself.

Over the next few weeks or so, Bryce and I are going to be talking a lot about apples!  Here are some of the things that we’ll be doing together!

Apple seed counting: I’ll put a number next to the apple and he will put that amount of seeds (mini chocolate chips) on the apple).

Apple counting:  This is the same idea as the one above only he’ll be placing the correct amount of apples on the tree.

Apple letters:  The green apples are capital letters and the red apples are lower-case.  We’ll talk about the letters, match them, etc.  I put magnets on the letters of his name (I want to especially focus on those letters).

Apple Jack fun:  He’ll sort the Apple Jacks by color and then string them onto a pipe cleaner in different patterns (if he doesn’t eat them all first, of course!).

We’re going to read this book by Dr. Suess (both of my kids love it!) and do a few activities to go with it.

I printed out a picture of Bryce and he puts 10 felt apples up on top.  I don’t know why, but he gets a kick out of this activity!

Apple number matching: He’s going to match the number to the correct apple.

We’ll play with this little worm and apple and read the book that goes with it.  (If you look at Oopsey Daisey’s Apple Packet she has the source for this idea).

Apple sorting: He can sort the apples by color and then put them in patterns.

We’ll look at these apple seed number cards.

We’ll talk about the life cycle of an apple tree.

He’ll lace around the letter “A”.

I just cut out some apples of different sizes and he’ll sort them from big to small.

We’ll discuss the parts of an apple (skin, flesh, core, seeds, stem, and leaf) using this felt apple.

We’ll do a few simple apple puzzles.

He’ll put green pom-poms on top of these green apples.

He’ll play with this apple math mat.  He can roll a die and cover up the correct number of apples until the mat is covered.

He’ll do this apple shape puzzle.

We’ll do this apple seed math activity.  He’ll place mini-chocolate-chips on both sides of the apple and then add them up.

I printed out 12 apples and used a hole punch to punch holes in each apple.  Then Bryce will place the correct number of “worms” (green pipe cleaner) on each apple.

He will do this pattern block letter “A”.

I’ll tell a few flannel board stories to him.

He will color this apple.  Well, I’ll try to get him to.  He doesn’t like to color much!  I’m sure if I put glue on it and let him sprinkle glitter on top than he’ll be game though! 🙂

He’s going to poke through the black line with a toothpick (while the green paper is laying on the carpet) and then hold it up to a window to see how cool it looks!

He’s going to create an apple mosaic man using little foam sheets and google eyes.

We’ll play with this “A” play dough mat using homemade apple pie scented play dough!

We’ll also do a few activities focusing on leaves.

Like this leaf toothpick poke activity.

We’ll play with these fake leaves since we don’t have any real ones around here! 🙂

He’ll practice his cutting (which he needs a lot of practice!) by cutting in between these fall stickers.

He’s going to make this google-eye leaf puppet.  Lizzie made one last year and she played with hers for weeks!

He’s going to create a fall scene using these fall stickers that I got from the dollar section at Target.

He’s going to practice his letters by lacing these letter leafs through yarn.

He’ll practice number sequencing with these numbered leaves (from Oopsey Daisey).

I made him these leaf puppets with the letters of his name.

Well, that’s about it!

Hope you got an idea or two for something to do with your little ones this fall season! 🙂


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