Oh Brother

This picture is worth a thousand words.  Let’s see if I can get what I want to say out in less than that.

The boys have a quote on their wall that says, “Sometimes being a brother is way better than being a superhero.”

Mikey had Riley have wholeheartedly agreed with that statement for the last year or so and it has made my heart happy.

Then Kindergarten happened.  Although Kindergarten is good for Mikey and I see all that he is learning and Riley gets to do preschool with me and we are happy with the situation in general, there are things that have really got me down in the dumps lately.

I think Mikey only has a certain amount of “behaving” time in him.  I think that time is equal to the amount of time he spends at school.  His teacher goes on and on about how sweet he is and how helpful he is and how smart he is.  I couldn’t be prouder.


We get home from school and Mikey pouts about some decision I make 90% of the time.  The other 10% he is fighting with his brother.  Like rolling on the floor, punching, slapping, kicking, “YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND ANYMORE” shouting brawls.  It’s crazy!

They have never fought this much before but now I can’t get them to play nicely together.  I feel like all my time with Mikey home is disciplining him.  Because of that I feel like our relationship is suffering.  I feel like the boys are constantly in need of something fun and we have to-do lists to accomplish that take away from that.  Even though I try my hardest to make sure their lives are happy, carefree, and full of play.

Riley still has a lot of one-on-one time with me while Ty naps in the morning.  Mikey isn’t getting as much one-on-one time as he’s used to, so I wonder if that’s affecting him?

I am struggling with my role as a mommy lately.  I’m barely getting stuff done around the house, let alone indulging in my hobbies, because I’m trying to help my children feel loved and not act out.

Any advice?

To end it on a lighter note, Ty is quite the pincher.  He pinches the back of my arm  a lot, but his favorite spot is my collarbone.  He’ll just click it with his fingers all day long.  Sometimes he pinches hard and it leaves a mark.  Not a good place, if you know what I’m saying ;).  We were camping at the beach and I was pushing Ty’s hand away after a nasty pinch and my mother-in-law said, oh, those marks are from him?  I thought it was from something else.  She had a big smile.  I could’ve died.

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