Cleaning Schedule

With three boys (four if you count my husband) tearing through my house everyday, I need to be organized to stay on top of things.  One of the things I have found that helps me keep a clean house is staying very scheduled with my cleaning.

On my calendar, I have a day of the week that I do every major job (vacuuming, bathrooms, laundry, kitchen counters, dusting, mopping).  That way I’m not swamped trying to do all these huge jobs any random day of the week.  I take 10-20 minutes a day and just do that one job.

Of course I do little things everyday, too.

We get this clutter pile on our ledge that needs to be cleaned once or twice a day.

My kids and I play “pick up five” all day long.  Once I start seeing that they are taking out too many toys I shout out “pick up five” and we all pick up five toys until the house is clean again.

I also sweep at least once a day and do dishes after every meal when the time allows.

Key phrase “when the time allows”.

I do have those days where all the pillows are off the couch, none of the beds are made, toys are everywhere, coupons litter the table, dishes fill the sink, and dinner is cereal.  Those days are unavoidable sometimes.

But it keeps me sane to have that schedule to get me through the week.

Hopefully this helps if anyone gets overwhelmed with a messy house like I do, and if anyone has any other tips, please send them my way 🙂

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